Automation and the future of Identity Verification

woman scans her ID with a smartphone app

As Digital Identity Verification becomes more prevalent and relevant to Australians, businesses seek technology to facilitate a frictionless future for Identity Management.

One company that continues to set the Digital Identity Verification benchmark is Scantek – an Australian software company that is the first private company to automate right to work checks in Australia.

Scantek uses technology to solve the challenges businesses face with fast and safe Identity Verification checks. The all-in-one solution includes frictionless customer experience and quick Identity verification underpinned by machine learning, real-time decisions and fraud assessment.

woman photographs her ID with a smartphone, kitchen scene

This solution has been custom-built for one of Australias largest organisations in the Australian Securities Exchange and goes live nationally today. Speaking about the project, CEO Ches Rafferty said;

“With our solution, it will allow our client to sharpen their Digital Identity Verification processes. It removes all geographical boundaries and enables the user to verify not only their identity but their right to work in Australia in just minutes”.

“Our solution will reduce overhead costs, speed up decision making and remove all doubt that the person being verified is legally allowed to work. We are excited to be the first private company to offer this type of automation. It opens the door for continuous growth within our industry”.

“Digital Identity Verification is a huge strategic move for organisations, and the digital transformation that is now pliable across sectors is being accelerated, so users can now trust in the security of their identity and personal information.”

Scantek developed this solution in consultation with their client to provide trust and confidence to those using and connecting to their system. Ches Rafferty added:

“The persistent need for ever-evolving privacy regulations places an immense amount of importance on preserving people’s privacy. That is why at Scantek, we take great pride in achieving our ISO 27001 accreditation, embedding it into everything we do. Protecting customers’ personal information is our top priority and essential to our partnership with our clients”.

Founded by two Perth tech entrepreneurs, Chesley Rafferty and Neil Bamber and supported by an incredibly talented team, Scantek has worked with companies across multiple sectors over the past decade to solve the fraud issue. Scantek continues to develop the right identity solution for Australia.

If you want to find out more about Scantek’s Identity Verification software and discover how beneficial it can be for your business, contact Scantek today.

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