Why digital verification is more important than ever?

Why digital verification is more important than ever?

The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in the way we live our lives. The primary change is our relationship with technology and how we access services online. As we look to restart our lives in the ‘new normal’, we are turning to digital channels and devices to bridge the gap between what we previously did ‘in-person’ and what we can do now remotely.

Customers increasingly expect seamless, omnichannel service delivery and will take their business elsewhere if they don’t get it. Securely and safely identifying your customers so that they can on-board without having to leave the comfort of their own homes can win you new business.

TKnowing your customer is at the heart of many organisational processes. It drives compliance, risk assessment and tailored customer experiences. Getting it right is critical. Digital identity verification enables organisations to remove inefficiencies while improving customer experience.

Proof of identity is also necessary for many aspects of private commerce, such as buying alcohol, renting an apartment and purchasing a car. All this exposure puts people and organisations at risk. When it comes to physical identity systems, theft and fraud risks should be at the forefront of our minds. The need for a digital solution is becoming urgent.

So why should your business adopt a digital process to identity verification and proof of identity?:

Efficiency: A reliable, secure, consolidated bank of customer details removing the potential for human error.

Revenue: Greater insight into customer knowledge can reveal the needs for new products and services providing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Transformation: Reduce internal administration pressures and improve service levels, transforming operational capabilities.

Scantek’s application makes it easier for you to collect and share supporting documentation required to verify your customers. Our biometric authentication and security protocols make it harder to damage, lose, steal or tamper with your customer’s identification records ensuring all data captured is secure and encrypted. Scantek offers a better way to know and serve your customers. Please get in contact today to discuss how our application can be applied to your business.

Fraud Prevention: Best practice techniques.

Fraud Prevention:
Best practice techniques.

“Know your customer” has always been crucial in preventing fraud and identity theft. Today, as governments mandate identification compliance and other regulations increase, there are even more compelling reasons for organisations to know who your customers are. 

The growth of identity theft and concern for data security is driving the belief that greater legislation is needed to prevent fraudulent activity. Although most businesses already perform some type of verification as part of their customer identification, it may not be enough to protect your business and your customers in today’s environment. 

Many experts feel that the industry is vulnerable, and businesses should take action to review and revise current processes. This is being driven by concern for consumer privacy rights, an issue that has become even more sensitive in this new regulatory era. At the same time, financial fraud is changing, requiring a new approach to avoid losses and protect consumers.

The good news is that by strengthening verification procedures, organisations can be less exposed to fraud — especially if verification is part of a more comprehensive fraud prevention process. To successfully detect and prevent fraud, we advise a more in-depth approach compared to the standard identity verification process: 

  • Incorporate more information into the decision-making process, 
  • Breakaway from conventional thinking. Traditional verification processes do not identify fraudulent applications. 
  • Dive deeper to verify identity beyond using driving license confirmation or other single source pieces of data. 
  • Look for inconsistencies among all of the data available, not just in specific areas.

With the right tools and processes in place, you can reduce fraud within your business and protect your customer’s information, while maintaining a positive customer experience. At the same time, using industry best practices can help your business comply with regulations, as well as reducing the need for further additional regulation.

With over a decade of specialising in identity verification, we design and build solutions that enhance business efficiencies, lower costs and deliver accurate data in real-time. We will work with you to understand what is vital to your business and curate a solution that meets your requirements.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can support your business through the delivery of an end to end solution.

What is facial biometrics? And how does it work?

What is facial biometrics?
And how does it work?

The term ‘biometrics’ is commonly used to describe fingerprint and retina scanning, but few people associate it with facial recognition. Facial biometrics identifies human identities through facial features and is a step used within the process of facial recognition. Facial biometrics work in the following ways:
  1. Facial detection – The application detects your face from your environment.
  2. Facial capture – 3D sensors capture your face.
  3. Facial data conversion – Your facial capture is converted into mathematical and machine-readable data using various algorithms.
  4. Facial matching – This data is then mapped with already stored information and verified based on identifiable features like the distance between your eyes, mouth width, etc.

Facial recognition is highly versatile and can take place seamlessly on any mobile device. It is fast, effortless and efficient and is one of the easiest ways to confirm someone’s identity.

Benefits include:


  1. Quick and automatic verification experience 
  2. Seamless integration as there are no specific hardware requirements 
  3. Convenience. It’s just like taking a selfie.

Unlike passwords, facial biometrics makes it extremely hard for fraudsters to steal or exploit your customer’s identity, making it one of the safest forms of identity verification there is. Versatile and adaptable to any organisation, our facial biometric application can be customised to fill any need of your business. Our machine-learning algorithms are continually evolving, making it harder for fraudsters to impersonate another human and easier for us to identify them. For more information about our facial biometric application or to get in touch with us to discuss how our application can support you and your business, give us a call or click on the tab below. 

How can instant identity verification benefit my business?

How can instant identity
verification benefit my business?

The verification of customers’ identity poses a constant challenge for many companies. Challenges include safe storage of documentation, overheads of manual handling and risk of human error. Seeking a safe and reliable method for identity verification is becoming increasingly important for many businesses. 

Scantek’s instant identity verification is the most secure and accurate ID solution on the market and can:


1. Improve customer experience

Instant Identity verification simplifies customer experience. Not only does it significantly decrease the time it takes to onboard a customer, but it also ensures that the customer is who they say they are.

2. Enhance organisational efficiencies

Instant identity verification enables businesses to streamline workflows, reducing the manual entry of paperwork, saving time and labour costs.

3. Ensure consistency

Instant identity verification delivers a consistent experience across different channels. It can adapt itself to any process by providing an automatic tool to validate customer identity and documentation in just a few seconds.

4. Provide flexibility

Automating identity verification removes the need for in-person verification. With a simple click on a link or application, customers can remotely capture documentation and identification from anywhere at any time.

5. Improve CRM Data

By leveraging automation and digitising the process of data capture, it delivers clean, accurate customer information directly to your CRM. 

Find out more about our instant identity verification application, or get in contact today by clicking the below tab.