8 reasons why digital
identity verification exceeds
in-person verification

It is 2020 and the impact of digital technologies is prevalent in every spectrum of our lives. Every industry has begun to adopt digitalisation on some scale, improving the way we do interact and do business. When it comes to verification of identity, this is no different. 

Using a digital system to verify a customer is the logical choice for a business for a multitude of reasons and we have listed some of these below.

Time Saving

Scantek’s remote mobile ID verification can be completed in just 40 seconds. Customers can complete this via our native application or mobile application at home (or anywhere) at their leisure.

But verifying someone’s ID in person can take much longer – not to mention the travel time required to get to and from your place of business. Digital verification saves time for both you and your customer.  verificationapp and completing verification at home

Cost Saving

We all know that time = money. The longer the time spent on verification processes, the more cost involved; detracting financial resources from other, more important business functions.

Reduced Error

With a digital software such as Scantek, the possibility of error is reduced. At the end of the day, human error is inevitable. Use the certainty that only software can provide for a fast, consistent and accurate result.

Greater Security

With advancements in technology comes advancements in how fraud can occur. This means your business needs to constantly be working to protect your customer’s privacy and data.

With digitalisation, there is no paper copies left behind and with Scantek’s compliance with Information Security Management standards, your customers data is always encrypted and transit and at rest and is fully auditable. You can rest assured that your customer’s personal information is in safe hands.

Improved Analytics

With all customer information securely stored in one manageable place, you will be able to easily keep track of key customer insights.

Customer demographics can be broken down by gender, age, and location. This exportable information is displayed in an easy to understand fashion with clear graphs that allow you identify trends that may otherwise may be impossible to spot.

These tools are becoming essential for running your business successfully and securely, giving you anadvantage over your competition.

Greater Accuracy

In-person verification could be risky; fake or fraudulent ID’s can easily go unnoticed. Our combination of features such as our advanced facial biometrics and our Liveness Check mean that identification of your customer is completely accurate.

Improved Compliance

Meeting legal requirements in 2020 is becoming increasingly complex. A digital identification solution is the simplest way to meet changing compliance demands.

With our advanced app, you’ll be able to choose the checks relevant to your business and Scantek will quickly and accurately conduct these for you in a matter of seconds.

Improved Reporting

As a reporting entity you must report certain transactions and suspicious matters and submit compliance reports to AUSTRAC – and other key government bodies – on a regular basis. The reporting process although essential, can be time-consuming.

SCANTEK can generate reports to meet AUSTRAC requirements on demand so you can produce these throughout the year, saving the hassle of completing these manually at year end.

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